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The Meaning of “A” in Hindi: A Comprehensive Guide

When learning a new language, understanding the meaning of individual words is crucial. In Hindi, a widely spoken language in India, the word “a” holds a significant place. In this article, we will explore the various meanings and uses of “a” in Hindi, providing valuable insights into its versatile nature.

The Basic Meaning of “A”

At its core, “a” is an indefinite article in Hindi, similar to “a” or “an” in English. It is used to refer to a non-specific or unidentified noun. For example:

  • एक आदमी आया। (Ek aadmi aaya.) – A man came.
  • एक किताब चाहिए। (Ek kitaab chahiye.) – I need a book.

Here, “a” is used to indicate that the noun (man, book) is not specific or known beforehand.

The Plural Form of “A”

In Hindi, the plural form of “a” is “kuch” or “kuchh.” It is used when referring to an unspecified number of items or people. For example:

  • कुछ लोग आए। (Kuchh log aaye.) – Some people came.
  • कुछ फल खाने को मिलेंगे। (Kuchh phal khane ko milenge.) – We will get some fruits to eat.

Here, “kuch” or “kuchh” replaces “a” to indicate an unspecified or unknown number of items or people.

“A” as a Pronoun

In addition to being an indefinite article, “a” can also function as a pronoun in Hindi. It is used to refer to a non-specific or unidentified person or thing. For example:

  • क्या कोई आया है? (Kya koi aaya hai?) – Has anyone come?
  • क्या कोई यहाँ है? (Kya koi yahan hai?) – Is anyone here?

Here, “a” is used as a pronoun to represent an unknown or unspecified person.

“A” as a Verb

Surprisingly, “a” can also function as a verb in Hindi. It means “to come” and is used to indicate movement towards the speaker or a specific location. For example:

  • मैं आ रहा हूँ। (Main aa raha hoon.) – I am coming.
  • वह यहाँ आ रही है। (Vah yahan aa rahi hai.) – She is coming here.

Here, “a” is used as a verb to express the action of coming.

Common Phrases and Idioms with “A”

Besides its basic meanings, “a” is also used in various phrases and idioms in Hindi. Let’s explore some of the common ones:

  • आज कल (Aaj kal) – Nowadays
  • आदत डालना (Aadat daalna) – To develop a habit
  • आगे बढ़ना (Aage badhna) – To move forward
  • आँख दिखाना (Aankh dikhana) – To deceive
  • आवाज़ उठाना (Aawaaz uthana) – To raise one’s voice

These phrases and idioms demonstrate the versatility of “a” in Hindi, extending beyond its basic meanings.


Q: Can “a” be used with both masculine and feminine nouns?

A: Yes, “a” can be used with both masculine and feminine nouns. It is a gender-neutral article in Hindi.

Q: Are there any exceptions to using “a” as an indefinite article?

A: Yes, there are some exceptions where “a” is not used as an indefinite article. For example, when referring to one’s own family members, the word “ek” is used instead of “a.” For instance, “Ek mera bhai hai” (I have a brother) instead of “Mera ek bhai hai.”

Q: Can “a” be used in the plural form?

A: No, “a” is not used in the plural form. Instead, “kuch” or “kuchh” is used to indicate an unspecified number of items or people.

Q: Are there any regional variations in using “a” in Hindi?

A: Yes, there might be some regional variations in using “a” in Hindi. Different dialects and regions may have their own unique ways of using and pronouncing “a.”

Q: Can “a” be used as a standalone word?

A: Yes, “a” can be used as a standalone word in Hindi. It can be used to express surprise, agreement, or understanding, similar to the English word “ah.”


In conclusion, the word “a” in Hindi holds various meanings and uses. It serves as an indefinite article, a pronoun, and even a verb. Understanding the different contexts in which “a” is used is essential for mastering the Hindi language. Whether it’s indicating an unspecified noun, referring to an unknown person, or expressing the action of coming, “a” plays a versatile role in Hindi communication. By familiarizing yourself with the different meanings and uses of “a,” you can enhance your understanding and fluency in Hindi.</p

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