ravenscroft beauty college


I first started this blog in August of 2008, one month after my last semester at ravenscroft, and this blog is still going strong, nearly three years later. We have a lot of fun here, with a focus on the beauty of everything and every aspect of life. I am especially proud of the beauty of our community, the people, and the many beautiful places that we all call home here.

That’s awesome, because I’d actually like to think that I’m a little bit of a beauty-obsessed person. I’m a huge fan of both the outdoors and the inside, but I am especially proud of my college, ravenscroft beauty college. The beauty of school is that it’s all about the people, the students, and the professors. This campus is both small and beautiful, and it has a lot going for it that you should totally check out.

The college has over 3,000 students and faculty, and its a very diverse group of people. There are also many activities for students to participate in, but the most popular are the clubs, which are often based on a particular color. For example, the student council at ravenscroft beauty college only has green students, which makes sense because its the color green, and the school is mainly green.

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