something there beauty and the beast lyrics


The music of the day, the weather, the temperature, or just the lyrics of something really good have all had a big impact on me. There is nothing like the lyrics of something really good to get your brain going and open your eyes to something beautiful.

It’s true. A friend and I went to a show for a new artist a few weeks ago. It was a free show in the middle of nowhere in San Francisco. We were walking in one of the side-streets that leads to the city. The artists were just starting to make a name for themselves. One of them started singing what sounded like a beautiful song or a song about nature.

What was beautiful about this song, I wondered if it was something that was only going to exist in a digital age. It was the song we used to play in school when we studied about the wonders of nature. That song became a part of my life and I made it a part of our lives when we became a band.

That’s the beauty I love about The Beautiful and the Beast. The only thing I can say about it is that we’ve been trying to make sure that the lyrics of the song are about something that’s true in our lives, not something that’s just about the beauty and the beast. It’s a song about how you can get what you want and how it’s all about beauty and the beast.

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