the weeknd beauty behind the madness vinyl


I was so excited to get this album that I just had to share it with you. Even if it doesn’t have the best sound, it’s probably the most fun album I’ve got. The album’s title is so confusing – I would have been so proud if it was a song about self-awareness.

I think that’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard. The album starts with an intro about how the ‘pussy cat’ (which is a reference to an earlier album) is going to help you be the best version of yourself, which is so sad. I had a feeling the song was going to be about self-awareness, but then I heard the song at the beginning. I was going to say it was bad, but I was wrong.

The song starts with a song called “The Weeknd” and if you know your country music history, it’s probably about that. It’s a song about the artist who was the first male pop singer to have his first number one hit. He named his record label the Weeknd, which was a reference to the artist’s name.

It’s weird because I actually think it’s a really catchy song. It’s a great song for a lot of reasons. It’s catchy, really catchy, and it has so much potential to go viral. A number of artists have already taken it up on the “Viral” bandwagon, but I think it’s actually the second most viral song of all time, behind only Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.

This is a great song for a lot of reasons. Its catchy, its catchy, and its popular. But it will be getting a lot more attention than it could if was just a single.

The first single from The Weeknd’s forthcoming debut album, I Am… was already making a splash, but it didn’t make any of the big headlines until a couple of days ago when the video for the same song was finally released. Now it’s being followed closely by a number of other artists and bands, including One Direction, One Republic, Miley Cyrus, and the xx.

The weeknds music video was actually the second video from the album to be released in the last week. The first was with the release of I Am… last month. The weeknds new single is set to drop on May 13th and features him and his new boyfriend K-Klass acting out scenes from the new album.

The weeknd has gotten a lot of attention lately because of his new single, I Am…, and because he is the latest celebrity to be featured on the album. The singer is also a part of the latest reality show, The X Factor: The Singing Game, in which he sings a variety of songs for his fellow contestants. He is also currently working on a new album.

It’s important to note that the album is named after The Weeknd and the singer’s new single, and not the title of the album. The Weeknd’s music isn’t quite as mainstream as you might think. That’s partially because of the artist himself, a singer-songwriter who was born in South London. He’s known for working in the same sonic space with different influences, but the album is largely all his own.

The Weeknd is known for a lot of things. He is often described as an “emo” singer who loves heavy metal. He also likes to call himself a “rapper” and often writes about being bullied. He also sometimes plays live shows, but his popularity has faded from the internet. The only thing I can think of is that he is very open about his sexuality.

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