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Nassaji Mazandaran vs Mumbai City FC Lineups Revealed

On the eve of the highly anticipated football match between Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC, fans are buzzing with excitement to see the lineups of both teams. As the two teams prepare to clash on the field, let’s take a closer look at the possible starting eleven for each side and analyze the key players to watch out for in this thrilling encounter.

Nassaji Mazandaran Lineup:


  • Mustafa Derakhshan


  • Ali Mousavi
  • Amir Nourafkan
  • Mohammad Rezaei


  • Farzad Hatami
  • Soroush Rafiei
  • Mehdi Khaleghi
  • Mehdi Naghdi
  • Farshid Esmaeili


  • Vahid Seyrafian
  • Osman Jahandideh

Mumbai City FC Lineup:


  • Amrinder Singh


  • Mandar Rao Dessai
  • Mourtada Fall
  • Ahmed Jahouh
  • Vignesh Dakshinamurthy


  • Hernan Santana
  • Rowllin Borges
  • Raynier Fernandes


  • Cy Goddard
  • Adam Le Fondre
  • Bartholomew Ogbeche

Both teams boast a combination of experienced veterans and emerging talents, promising an exciting display of football skills and tactics on the pitch. With seasoned coaches leading them, these lineups are sure to deliver an intense and competitive match.

Key Players to Watch:

Nassaji Mazandaran:

  1. Vahid Seyrafian: The talented forward is known for his speed and goal-scoring ability.
  2. Soroush Rafiei: A midfield maestro who controls the pace of the game with his passing and vision.
  3. Ali Mousavi: The solid defender who anchors the backline with his tactical awareness and physical presence.

Mumbai City FC:

  1. Adam Le Fondre: The English striker is a prolific goal-scorer with a knack for finding the back of the net.
  2. Hernan Santana: The influential midfielder who dictates play with his creativity and leadership.
  3. Mourtada Fall: The towering defender who dominates in the air and poses a threat during set-pieces.

As the match unfolds, the performance of these key players will be crucial in determining the outcome of the game. Fans can expect a thrilling contest filled with skillful gameplay, tactical battles, and moments of brilliance from both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What time does the match between Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC start?

  • The match is scheduled to kick off at [insert time].

2. Where can fans watch the live stream of the game?

  • The match will be broadcasted on [insert channel/platform].

3. Are there any injury concerns for either team ahead of the match?

  • [Provide information on any notable injuries if applicable].

4. How have Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC performed in their recent matches?

  • Nassaji Mazandaran [brief overview of recent form].
  • Mumbai City FC [brief overview of recent form].

5. Which player has been in exceptional form for Nassaji Mazandaran/Mumbai City FC?

  • [Highlight a standout performer for each team and their recent contributions].

6. What are the head-to-head stats between Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC?

  • Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC have [insert head-to-head stats, if available].

7. Is there a history of previous encounters between these two teams?

  • [Summarize any past matches or tournaments where Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC have faced each other].

8. Which tactics are Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC likely to employ in this match?

  • [Discuss potential tactical approaches based on their recent matches and playing styles].

9. Who are the coaches of Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC?

  • Nassaji Mazandaran coach: [Name]
  • Mumbai City FC coach: [Name]

10. What are the expectations for this exciting match between Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC?

  • [Share any pre-match predictions or expectations for the game].

As the teams get ready to take the field and showcase their skills, football enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the clash between Nassaji Mazandaran and Mumbai City FC. With strong lineups, key players to watch, and intriguing storylines, this encounter is set to be a memorable one for fans and neutrals alike.

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